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Selecting the Right Memory Foam Pad, Mattress,
Topper or Pillow

Selecting a Memory Foam Pad: Memory foam pads are also
referred to as
"toppers" when used on the top of a mattress - which is where pads
are generally used ! The most popular toppers are 2" & 3" in thickness. The more
expensive ones are 3" to 4". The "best" pads are thicker and denser than the cheap
ones. Low density pads are labeled 2.5 to 3.5 lbs and the more expensive toppers are
rated over 5 lb. density rating. A 2.5 lb rated pad in the 2" thickness would be a good
starting point and a 3" pad in a 5.2 lb. rating would be considerably more expensive
but last significantly longer. The pads work best if they can react to your body heat
so you won't want much more than a sheet directly over them.

Any pad that is less than 2" will struggle to provide you with that "memory foam"
effect you are expecting. Years ago I purchased a 2" pad at the biggest name box
store that had an egg-crate or convoluted shaped surface. It looked cool and though
I was worried about how light the box was I just needed it to go over a camping pad
so I purchased it. I was very dissapointed - I would have been much better served to
get a cheap 3" regular foam pad. I should have gotten a real 2" - 2.5 lb. pad.

Tip #1 : If it feels light like regular foam - its not true Memory Foam.

Memory Foam Thickness: A 2" pad in the 2.5 lb. rating is a safe selection -
you will be able to roll around on it easily, it will be cool, it won't hurt your
pocketbook, and it will add measurably to your sleeping comfort. You probably won't
get the oohs and aahs from it that you might from a 3 inch pad with a 5.2 lb. rating.
However, you may want to test one of those at a sleep store (tempurpedic brand or
such) before jumping to the top of the line. Many people would have nothing less,
others think they are a little warm or a little to snug for their taste. Its a little like the
water-bed - regular bed discussion - some love it, some don't. Many will say that only
5 lb. or higher density is true memory Foam - don't be fooled - the majority of the
Memory Foam sold is less than 5 lb. density. If you like the more dense pads - and a
majority does - by all means go for it.

Keep in mind the type of mattress you are putting it on. If your mattress is soft you
may not want to sink deeply into a 3 or 4 inch pad. If your mattress is very firm a 3
or even 4 inch pad may be just perfect for you.

Tip #2 : If you are over 200 lbs. bump up to a 3 inch pad. Under 200 lbs. the 2
inch will work.

Size: Pads come in twin, queen, king sizes like mattresses. Remember - some brands
tend to run small. Read the reviews. Some people order a size up ( king instead of
queen) and then trim with a box knife to make fit. This is only recommended with the
less expensive 2 inch to 2.5 inch pads.

Tip #3: Love Tempurpedic pads ? You want a 5 lb. + density pad.

Selecting a Memory Foam Mattress: Memory Foam
come in 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, 13 inch and 14 inch sizes generally. A
good choice is the 10 or 12 inch. The typically come as an engineered set with box
spring to match. The memory foam is commonly a built-in topper on the mattress and
not pure memory foam though some are. If you stick with quality offerings like those
we carry you will get an engineered set that generally will provide the most
comfortable sleep you've ever enjoyed. There is a science to matching the right
topper to a matching mattress and box spring - the prematched sets eliminate the
guesswork. To see our
Memory Foam Mattresses click here.

Selecting a Memory Foam Pillow:

Size: Memory Foam Pillows come in different sizes - get ones to match your bed size
- Queen-size pillow, King-sizepillow, etc.

Memory Foam pillows come in
solid foam and in shredded foam. If you like anice
fluffy pillow but want to take a step up in luxury go with the shredded memory foam.
Its a safe and comfortable choice.

If you are looking for a pillow to reduce snoring, back or neck pain or discomfort or
other medical-related issue you should try a solid foam pillow.

What Shape Memory Foam Pillow? Conventional or Curved and contoured?
Conventional shaped pillows are best for
stomach sleepers. You don't want to bury
your face into a solid foam shaped pillow designed for the back of your head and
neck! See our complete selection of
Memory Foam Pillows here.

Sleep on your side? A solid Memory Foam pillow won't flatten like a conventional
pillow so your head can be kept raised in-line with your spine. Its a very good choice.
A conventional shaped pillow is a good choice for shape though many side sleepers
enjoy the mildly-contoured versions. Again, shredded or solid foam is a choice.

Sleep on your back? The solid contoured memory foam pillow is especially made for
you and may help eliminate some of your sleeping discomfort. The pillow can take
some of the stress off the neck in addition to adding the pressure point relieving
qualities of memory foam.

Restless sleeper? If you do a lot of rolling around at night you really need a memory
foam pillow. You will be best served by a conventional shaped pillow and may want to
start with one with shredded foam - though people who love the solid foam really,
really love it.

Snorer? We carry specially-shaped Snore Relief pillows just for the chronic snorer.