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At we
are currently featuring our
most popular
2-inch Memory
Foam Topper
at half-price !
Its less than $75 for the next
generation in mattress
toppers,. You will sleep better
with visco-elastic memory
foam that reduces nighttime
tossing and turning to provide
a better night sleep. The
temperature-smart, open-cell
foam breathes freely to
facilitate air circulation and
keep things cool. The
material takes its cues from
the bodys shape--adjusting
and contouring to any form.
The resulting customized fit
distributes weight more evenly
and relieves pressure points. It
also allows for better blood
flow so the body makes fewer
adjustments in search of a
more comfortable position.
The density on this pad is 2.5
which is a good starting point
for pads. Here is a surprise for
you: This product is
Made in
the USA
and comes backed by
5-year warranty. For more
info on this best-selling
Memory Foam Pad