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Memory Foam 2
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Memory Foam RV Pads -Mattress
We first got our start in the
RV & Travel industry which
lead us to memory foam
products. My brother, who
sold RV's at the time,
showed me how the
dealership turned entry-level
comfort RV's into
luxury-comfort RV's with just
the addition of a 2" memory
foam pad on the beds. I
immediately became a
memory foam believer and
have used the pads ever
since. My wife won't take a
trip without one and enjoys
a memory foam topper on
her King-size bed at home. If
you have an RV and you
don't have a memory foam
mattress or a memory foram
pad or topper on your RV
mattress then you are in the
right place. Get your self a
2" or 3" memory foam pad
and enjoy!