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" With our 3" memory
foam topper we can finally
enjoy our RV all night long
- we wouldn't leave home
without it ! ...Charlene M.
Testimonials on products

Excellent sleep
"The 3" Visco Elastic memory foam provided just the "extra" padding we needed for
our motorhome. "

Very Pleased!!
"This product was exactly how they said it was going to be."

Memory Foam Mattress Topper
"I am sleeping so much better now with this mattress Not sore in the morning and
sleeping thru the night much better. Very good price. "

Helps any bed
"Very soft, helps any mattress feel more comfortable! Problems with it shifting around
though, so get some bed tape to hold it in place."

"I've already purchased one for myself, and I'm head over heels in love with this
product. So much that I went ahead and bought one for my boyfriend."

Super very happy
"We are very happy with product. It is the best mattress topper we have
bought. "

I am very happy
"I wanted to say the foam topper at first was hard to get use to, it took me and my
husband a few nights but now we are very happy."

Go To Sleep!
"I purchased one of these wonderful toppers back in September and love it so much!
My daughter came to visit and was laying on my bed and said she had never been on
such a soft, wonderful bed. This purchase was for her and her husband for Christmas.
They are extremely happy with the gift. I was uncertain about the size, but thought I
remember them having a king size bed, so that is what I purchased. They have a
queen, so she cut the extra off and made pillows! There is not enough I can say
about this mattress topper. It has made a huge difference in my life. I have serious
back injury and have a great deal of trouble sleeping. NOT since I made this
purchase! "

We ALL love it!
"Yes, it IS unruly when you unroll it and it takes a couple days to "puff up" and get
the smell out, but it is SO worth it. Do whatever you need to do to make it work, but
buy this thing and go to sleep!"

A wonderful nights sleep.
After much research and review...including visiting a store at the mall and asking my
wife, I decided to pull the trigger and get a memory foam topper. I opted to go for
the king size, even though the bed is a queen. Two everyone's reviews
informed me the queen was too small and two, the king actually was cheaper than
the queen. First received it by UPS. Pulled it out and let it air out a day and a half...I
agree with some other reviews...initially it smells like a band-aid. The overall chemical
smell disipated in about a week. Cutting the topper down to fit was easy -- just used
a utility knife. We have had it for about a month now and our sleep has been better.
Getting in bed is like sleeping on a cloud. I tend to fall asleep as soon as I lay pregnant wife says she loves it. At times, its hard to want to get out of
bed...its that comfortable. I guess the only complaints are the initial smell and how
the topper retains heat sometimes.

3-Pound Memory Foam Contour Pillow
"The product arrived in very good timing and condition, and I am very happy with
product. The pillow is very comfortable, lightweight and I feel that I am getting a
better night's rest. I have had other contour pillow's but this one is my favorite, and
a great price."

Big Pillow
"I really like this pillow. It does initially smell but I really like a pillow with some
firmness so it works perfectly for me. It is a big pillow and doesn't fit really well in a
standard pillow case. It does mold to your head and gives support. The only downside
is the smell but it does go away. "

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