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Welcome and Congratulations - you have found the best place to shop for memory
foam products online ! is a memory foam online store for
Natures Discovery, LLC. We outsource our shopping cart, and shipping to for unbeatable customer service and security. For items we don't stock
under our account we include best sellers from and other top stores
ensuring our customers the best selection and price. We are headquartered south of
Seattle in the great Pacific Northwest. We ship from warehouses across the country.
We first got our start in the RV & Travel industry which lead us to memory foam
products. My brother, who sold RV's at the time, showed me how the dealership
turned entry-level comfort RV's into luxury-comfort RV's with just the addition of a 2"
memory foam pad on the beds. I immediately became a memory foam believer and
have used the pads ever since. My wife won't take a trip without one and enjoys a
memory foam topper on her King-size bed at home. To make a long story short, that
is how our memory foam division found its way into our company. Memory foam works
like nothing else! I hope you find your way here to restful sleep !