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Phase Change Temperature Control Pillow
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Memory Foam 2
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Looking for a Wedding Gift?
Give the gift of luxurious sleep
with a pair of
Memory Foam
. What other gift will
the wedding couple get that
they will enjoy for 8 hours a
day - every day for years?
You can get a pair of memory
foam pillows for less than $100
right now. Its New, its Nasa
technology, it fits, its quality
and it will be enjoyed by the
newlyweds for years. Forget
the toaster or spice rack -

Memory Foam Pillows: The
best gift you can give!

World's Best Memory Foam
? The new IsoCool
pillows feature Outlast®
Adaptive Comfort® material
that adjusts to the body's
changing temperature. If the
body's temperature is too
warm, the product absorbs
heat and feels cool in order to
regulate body temperature. If
the body's temperature is too
cool, the product releases
heat and feels warm in order
to regulate the body
temperature. The microscopic
Phase Change Material (PCM)
beads sense whether the
body's mean temperature is
too warm or too cool. The
automatic conforming ability of
Memory Foam combined with
the qutomatic temperature
control of the PCM Material
has created a fantastic Pillow.
Its not a twenty dollar pillow,
but if you want the World's
Best Pillow you can have it for
around $60.
PCM Memory
Foam Pillow