Memory Foam Products
Memory Foam F.A.Q.
In the Memory Foam retail business we hear three questions all the time:

1. How Thick of pad is best?
2. How Heavy of Memory Foam is best?
3. How much should I pay for a quality pad?

There is no perfect answer because not everyone enjoys the exact same type of
memory foam and the pads or toppers are going on different firmness of beds too. In
addition price is a factor as the heavier pads or mattresses cost significantly more
than the lighter ones. Be sure to check out or section on
How to Choose Memory
for things to look out for. Here are some answers to get you started.

Q. How Thick of a Memory Foam Pad is best?
A. If you weigh over 200 lbs. go at least 3 inch.

Q. How Heavy of Memory Foam is best?
A. A safe bet is the 2.5 lb. to 3.5 lb. range with a typical soft mattress. If you roll
around in bed a lot that may suit you better than the more dense pads. If you have
a medium to firm mattress a heavier pad would be a good choice. If you have slept
on memory foam before - you know you like it. To be frank - most people eventually
find their way up to the 5.0 to 5.5 lb pads that define the luxury memory foam can
offer. They have recently become very affordable.

Q. How much should I pay for a quality pad?
A. Given the amount of time you spend in bed, twenty or thirty bucks shouldn't
matter that much. Expect to pay over $100 for a top quality pad - though we have
sales that are pushing that price down.

Q. I've heard Memory Foam smells ? Does it?
A. There is no getting around it - yes, polyurethane products smell initially. We
suggest taking them out of the protective cover and airing them out in the garage
for a week to 10 days if possible. This chemical makeup, while smelling initially, also
serves to prevent dust mites, bed bugs, lice and other nasty buggers that can find
their way into conventional beds.

Q. Is Memory Foam Cold or Hot?
A. It's both! Its tight foam construction will snug you in the winter holding the heat
in while its density can pull the heat off your body in the summer. Depending on your
body makeup you may find it much easier to stay warm in the winter while some
people feel that using a fan in the summer is the perfect environment with memory
foam. If you get a 5.0 or heavier pad and you are a warm sleeper you may find the
gently breeze of a fan is comforting.