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10-inch Mattress - Memory Foam
The memory Foam
revolution is sweeping the
country from bed-to-bed!
Visco-Elastic memory foam
uses a technology first
developed by NASA to
make the most comfort
sleep surface ever. You
may have seen the
visco-foam mattress story
on TV but the secret is
that you can save money
by shopping online instead
of paying over $5,000 for
what used to be the price
of such comfort. Our
Soft Sleeper 5.5
ten inch mattress is a
component mattress made
from 4 inches of heat
sensitive visco elastic
memory foam and two 3
inch supportive base
components for spinal
alignment and support. One
base is a firm supportive
layer and the second base
is medium firm so you can
select and customize your
level of comfort. This
luxurious Soft Sleeper 5.5
material reacts to your
body temperature, so the
surface stays cool in the
summer and warm in the
winter. Over 9 out of 10 of
our customers report that
the contoured surface
cradles their body and
helps eliminate those
pressure points created by
traditional mattress
surfaces. Another 89% of
our customers even
reported less back and
neck pain.